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·  Law Office of Frank Passaglia                            January 1998 - present

Since January of 1998, I have been in private practice as a sole practitioner.  My practice has consisted of approximately 90% criminal defense and 10% general civil litigation (mainly plaintiff personal injury).     

· San Francisco District Attorney’s Office            1979 - December 1997

From the time I was admitted to the practice of law in 1979 until December of 1997, I was with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.  As an Assistant District Attorney, my entire practice consisted of the prosecution of criminal cases.  During my eighteen (18) years in the District Attorney’s Office, I worked in the following units:

          Major Narcotic Vendors Prosecution (mid-1996 to December 1997)
I vertically prosecuted defendants who sold, distributed or otherwise handled major quantities of narcotics.  I was involved from the investigative stage through the ultimate sentencing of the defendants.  I worked in close conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (federal), the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (state), and the San Francisco Police Department (local).

          Felony Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Supervisor (mid-1992 to mid-1996)
I supervised and managed the Felony Adult Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit.  I supervised six experienced attorneys who vertically prosecuted all the felony adult sexual assault and child abuse cases.  I ran the day-to-day operations of this unit, including: intake review and charging of all felony sexual assault and child abuse cases; case assignments; acting as the resource person for the lawyers in the unit (including making offers and giving case strategy advise); implementing office policy; and, acting as liaison between the lawyers that I supervised and the top management of the office, as well as the judges that the attorneys appeared before.

          Asian Gang Homicides (mid-1991 to mid-1992)
I was chosen by the District Attorney of San Francisco (Honorable Arlo Smith) to vertically handle numerous Asian gang-related homicides that had occurred in San Francisco.  My duties were: overseeing and supervising the investigations of these homicides by the coordinated efforts of the San Francisco Police Department, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation; deciding what cases could be charged based upon the evidence turned up by the investigations; and, handling all the charged cases from arraignment through jury trial.

          Felony Preliminary Hearing Unit Supervisor (mid-1989 through mid-1991)
I supervised and managed the Felony Preliminary Hearing Unit.  This involved supervising thirteen attorneys and running the day-to-day operation of that unit.  Included in my responsibilities were: case assignments; review of all cases (including making offers on all cases) both before and after preliminary hearing; charging of all defendants (via an Information) who were bound over to Superior Court after the preliminary hearing; and, acting as liaison between the lawyers that I supervised and the judges that they appeared before.

          Felony Sexual Assault Unit (mid-1985 through mid-1989)
I vertically prosecuted all types of sexual assaults, both on adults and children.  I handled the cases from arraignment through jury trial or settlement.
          Felony Career Criminal Unit (1984 through mid-1985)
                    I vertically prosecuted career felony offenders charged with the crimes of robbery and burlary.  I handlied the 
                    cases from arraignment through jury trial or settlement.
          Felony General Litigation Unit (1982 through 1983)
My responsibilities included the handling of robberies, burglaries, assaults, thefts and “white collar” crimes from arraignment in Superior Court through jury trial or settlement.

          Felony Preliminary Hearing Unit (late 1981)
This required the handling of all types of felony general litigation and narcotics cases from arraignment in the Municipal Court through either the disposition of the case (guilty plea, drug diversion, or dismissal) or presentation of the preliminary hearing and holding a defendant to answer in Superior Court.

          Misdemeanor Trial Unit (1979 through 1981)
This involved the prosecution of all types of misdemeanor cases from arraignment through settlement or jury trial.  Also included in my responsibilities, was the handling of the entire court calendar in the particular department to which I was assigned.

· San Francisco Police Department                         1973 - 1975

          Patrol Officer (1973 - 1975)